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Lawsuit Records

Lawsuit records can be a frightening thing to have on your public record, especially since they normally don't tell the whole story about what happened. These records are available to the public and are used in a variety of ways to detail someone's past.

Have you ever wanted to play detective, but games like Clue and Sherlock Holmes don't feel real enough? What if instead of fictional characters, you replaced them with friends and family -- or even that guy you just met online? And instead of made-up events, you uncover real life situations or scenarios like arrest and lawsuit records?

My point is, there might come a time when you need to dig up some details about the people you encounter on a daily basis. It's quite common for people to hide certain information about themselves, whether it be embarrassing, shameful, or something they're trying to move past like lawsuit records.

Many people believe this information would be difficult to find, if found at all. Traditional methods involved a journey to the county clerk's office, a process that won't even guarantee the records immediately. In addition to that, the amount of research involved before you get to the clerk's office can make this a lengthy ordeal.

Those days are behind us, though. Many of these details including arrest history, personal information, criminal, finance, assets, and lawsuit records are available on the internet. Better yet, they can be put in a single, easy-to-read report that you can view in just minutes.

Who Can View My Lawsuit Records?

Whether you filed a lawsuit against someone else or were involved in a lawsuit against you, that information could be found by anyone willing to dig it up. Most lawsuit records and civil cases are handled by the county or state government. When lawsuit records are filed, they are available to the public almost immediately.

If you've ever had a background check ran on you, there's a chance they saw your lawsuit records -- though some federal laws may limit what those records can be used for. In some cases, lawsuit records can't be used in hiring decisions and educational eligibility.

If there's someone you think was involved in a lawsuit -- whether it be a friend or family member -- and you think they're being untruthful about what happened, you can do a simple search online to find the information you need. This can be an effective way of getting the details without the awkward or unpleasant encounter of bringing it up in person.

Since lawsuit records are part of our public record, there will be plenty of other useful information to help you learn more about that person's history and current life. This might include information about the events leading up to the lawsuit records, as well as the events occurring after the lawsuit.

Can I View My Own Lawsuit Records?

All of this talk about lawsuit records might have you a little worried about your own public lawsuit records. Are there people searching for our information? Ifo so, what are they seeing about you?

The good news is you can perform a search on yourself to see exactly what others can see online. Many people do this often as a way of ensuring their information is up-to-date and free of any false claims.

Lawsuit records can contain sensitive information about you and your past, but having false lawsuit records in your name can cause even more damage. While you're at it, you'll also have an opportunity to check the rest of your public records to confirm that information, not just your lawsuit records.

What Will Lawsuit Records Display?

There are many reasons why you might be involved in a lawsuit. Lawsuit records can contain case information related to civil lawsuits, property liens, tax liens, and even evictions from your property or business.

If you were ever evicted, it might show the address you were evicted from, the court that made the judgment, the judgment amount, the filing type, court case number, and the date it was recorded or filed.

If you had a lien placed on your property, the lawsuit records can contain the address of the property, the lien amount, the tax lien serial number, the issuing agency, information about the courthouse, and the date it was filed in the courthouse.

Lawsuit records can also contain civil lawsuits that can occur during employment, injury-related cases, and consumer lawsuits.

How to Find Lawsuit Records

If you’re worried about what lawsuit records could be out for everyone to see, you can run a “background check” on yourself. You can even do this for anyone else you know! You’re probably thinking it will take days, maybe months, to get the information you need, but it’s actually a painless process that can be started today.

To begin your search, follow the directions listed below:

  1. Navigate over to the search engine located on our Public Records Reviews website
  2. Enter the person’s first and last name into the search boxes
  3. Click on the ‘Search’ button

Just like that, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. For those looking to enhance their search, you can enter their city and state in the dropboxes provided, but this won’t be required to start the search.

Once you hit ‘Search,’ you will be directed to various different people to choose from. You might have to do a little digging from there, but the right person is there somewhere! Knowing information like date of birth, employment history, education history, address, or phone number can help you filter through your results. For some reports, you might even get a picture and social media profiles.

Of course, all of this information can be found in the reports, as well as their public history, properties owned, other assets, criminal records, arrest history, alias records, and even a list of possible relatives, neighbors, and associates.

If you’re ready to bring out your inner detective, whether it be on yourself or someone else, head over to the search engine and enter the first and last name. We hope you find what you’re looking for!

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