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South Dakota County Records

South Dakota County Records

South Dakota county records are maintained by the local governments overseeing each county in the state. These records will contain personal information regarding every individual’s life and they can be viewed by anyone. Although South Dakota county records are still rather unknown among the public, they continue to gain popularity as awareness grows. 

South Dakota county records can be your best friend and worst nightmare at the same time. They’ll help you in multiple situations throughout life, but they could also be used by your friends and family to learn more about your past. If you have things about your past that you keep hidden, there’s a chance anyone can view it in your public record.

The local governments have been very strict about maintaining records of everything happening within state boundaries. This was evident when the South Dakota Sunshine Law was passed, effectively guaranteeing the public have a right to view public records kept by the county, city, and state governments. The law follows suit with the Freedom of Information Act, a federal law that guaranteed the same thing for federal records. 

Under the law, all 66 counties in South Dakota are required to not only file these records, but release them to you if requested -- including the county you live in. While the process used to be much more difficult, recent technology has made it easier than ever to search for someone’s South Dakota county records. 

With OpenSD, a database owned and operated by the South Dakota government, users can find many different public documents available on other members of the public or public officials. 

Criminal Records

Many people use South Dakota county records to learn about someone’s criminal past. Since records of every arrest and conviction must be maintained by the state, their criminal record will contain information throughout their whole life. 

You’ll be able to see whether or not they’ve been arrested before, what it was for, when it happened, and whether that arrest made its way to court. It can also display any outcomes of the arrest, like being convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or infraction. 

A conviction will often be coupled with a fine, community service, incarceration, a probation period, or even house arrest. All of this information will be available in their report. If you want a more detailed report, it’ll give you any court case numbers available so you can request more information from the court that ruled over the crime.

Personal Information

When pulling up someone’s South Dakota county records report, you’ll see several bits of personal information attached. Many people use these details to confirm someone’s identity and ensure they are who they say they are. You’ll come across plenty of dangerous people who claim to be friendly, but South Dakota county records can help you remain safe. 

By simply searching for someone’s first and last name, you can see their date of birth, whether they’ve passed away, what schools they attended, what jobs they’ve had, and links to any social media information available. It’ll even give you their contact information if you wanted to reach them -- phone number, email address, postal address, and possible family members that you could reach out to.

If you feel someone’s withholding information from you or their just acting suspicious, conducting a South Dakota county records can help to set things straight once and for all. You’ll be able to view all their information to determine whether they’re being suspicious randomly or for a reason.

Asset Records

I’m sure we all wonder from time to time what kind of vehicle someone drives, what house they live in, businesses they own, and whether they own a jet or boat. You could be curious about friends you haven’t seen since high school -- or even middle school. Maybe someone you just met at the local cafe. There could even be South Dakota county records about your favorite celebrities and role models. 

These records will display tons of information regarding their assets and properties. You can view what make and model car they drive, how big of a house they live in and how much it’s worth, how many businesses they own or co-own, and even what type of aircraft and boat they own. If they’re not showing it on social media, South Dakota county records will show it. 

Judgement History

We all make mistakes and will all end up inside a courtroom at some point in our lives. We might wish to keep this information outside the ears of our loved ones and closest friends, but court records, decisions, and supporting material can be found in South Dakota county records. 

If you’ve ever had a tax or property lien placed on your home, been involved in a personal injury claim, filed for bankruptcy, sued or been sued by someone, or even entered a courtroom for a traffic ticket, your public record will display all -- with a few exceptions defined by the state. 

Like their criminal record, someone’s judgement history can give you a good mental picture of their behavior in society and ability to get along with others. When you boil it down, South Dakota county records can display a lot of information -- especially if you’re willing to read between the lines. Be careful not to make any quick judgement calls and confirm you’re reading the report correctly before making assumptions. 

How to Find South Dakota County Records

If you were hoping to conduct a South Dakota county records search after all of this talk about them, you’re in luck. We have all the tools and resources needed to successfully pull off your first search. Better yet, you can do this on anyone including yourself. 

When you’re ready to get started, enter the first name and last name of the person into the search engine below. You’ll have an opportunity to add their city and state, but it won’t be mandatory to perform the search -- it will help it, however. 

Whether you’re ready to accept it or not, there will be plenty of people out there with the same name as you and everyone you know. There’s simply too many people in the world for there not to be matching names -- it’s one of the wicked ways in which the world works. 

For this reason, you’ll have to look through several possible matches to the name you searched for before finding the right one. Once you do, you can open their report and view information about their entire life. 

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