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Citation Records

Citation Records

Citation records are documented and filed by the court system that processes it, which is normally done by the county court. Anyone that has ever been issued a citation by a police officer will have to appear in court, where these documents are created.

Although citation records can be found in a criminal background check by those given consent, they are likely to be removed from those checks after 7 years -- some states require them to remain for 10 years. Still, that doesn't mean the public can't search for these documents through the courts database -- which can be found in person or online.

In order to view someone's citation records, you would have to know the county that issued the citation to get accurate results. It's quite common for people to have citation records in multiple counties, especially those that move often. This can make your search seem impossible, confusing, and not worth the time or effort.

Lucky for you, today's technology offers a simpler way of viewing someone's citation records that won't involve searching multiple databases -- there are websites that will do that work for you! All you need to know is the person's name and some other basic information to confirm you have the right person's report.

Since citation records can involve a variety of things, it's imperative you understand what you're looking at before conducting a search. Some websites will pull up sensitive information outside of just citation records, so being prepared will only help you in the end.

What Are Citation Records?

Citation records will display any citations someone was handed by a police officer. A citation, commonly referred to as a ticket, will be presented when a minor offense is committed. The defendant will likely have to appear in court and will be given either a jail sentence, fine, community service, or a combination of such.

Some citations won't require a court date -- unless the defendant is trying to contest the citation. In these cases, the ticket will still show up in your citation records. County courts are required to file any and every document that enters the courts, including citations that don't have a trial.

The most common citations are traffic citation records, which occur when laws are broken while driving. In the United States, the most common traffic citations include speeding, running a red light, not wearing a seatbelt, failure to use signals, drunk driving, reckless driving, and driving with no (or a suspended) license.

If caught, the police officer is sure to issue a citation to prevent it from happening again.

Some cities and states have even introduced civil citations to prevent juvenile crimes from being committed -- though these won't always show up in a person's citation records.

Can a Citation Lead to an Arrest?

Popular belief seems to believe citations are so minor that they won't result in an arrest. In reality, any traffic citation can lead to an arrest under certain circumstances. For the most part, however, citation records will not indicate an arrest was made.

We all make mistakes while driving, whether we forget to put our seatbelt on, exceed the speed limit when rushing to work, or get that important phone call while driving. Although a punishment is likely to follow, most people won't get arrested for these citations.

More serious traffic citation records like driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, and reckless driving can lead to an arrest -- which is normally decided by the severity of the situation.

If a citation ever leads to an arrest, the arrest records can also be viewed by the public. Citation records will normally display whether an arrest was made or not.

Can a Citation Result in a Conviction?

Most citations will result in a conviction, unless the defendant wins a dispute case. A conviction can result in a misdemeanor, felony, infraction, or simply being found guilty or not guilty.

Not all convictions will result in jail or prison time. Some convictions will only be handed a fine or community service. If you've ever been convicted of a crime, your citation records can be found online and accessed by the public. Convictions are sure to show up on criminal background checks, as well.

Can People View Anything Outside of Citation Records?

Citation records, arrest history, and conviction records are only the beginning of what's available to the public online. Many people would consider these under criminal record, but public records can detail a brief overview of your entire life.

Your date of birth, address history, asset records, phone number history, education history, employment history, social media accounts, and online dating profiles can be found on your public report. Even information about your relatives, neighbors, associates, roommates, and business partners can be found.

Any other court-related issue like bankruptcy records, lien records, evictions, foreclosures, marriage records, probate records, licenses, and permits are available to the public.

How to Find Citation Records

Whether you're looking to confirm that your information is accurate and up-to-date or want to uncover more information about your family and friends, public citation records are quite easy to find. These records can give you details about someone's life that you weren't aware of and can contain sensitive information you're not ready to see.

If you're looking to get started with a search today, follow the instructions listed below -- it's easier than you think.

  1. Navigate over to the search engine located on our website
  2. Type in the person's first name, along with their last name (or first initial of their last name)
  3. If you know the city or state they are located in (or ever were located in) you can enter that information as well
  4. Hit the 'Search' button to reveal your possible matches

When sifting through the matches, you'll want to bring out your inner detective to confirm you are viewing the right persons report. Many people will share the first, middle, and last name, making it confusing when looking up their reports.

If you're ready for what you might find, get started with our search engine today!

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Instant Checkmate is one of the longest-running online background check services and still one of the most popular. They offer comprehensive records on millions of Americans.

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  • Reports on almost every adult in the United States
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