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Delaware County Records

Delaware County Records

Delaware county records are easier to find than you might think, especially with the technology we have today. Many people are unaware that these records can be found online, while others don’t even know what Delaware county records are in the first place. Whether you’re a professional at this or a newbie, we have the tools and resources necessary to unleash your inner detective.

I know you’ve been on social media before and received a strange friend request from someone you don’t know. Some of us automatically unfriend them, while some of us accept it and treat it as another “like” on your picture. Most of us, however, never think to figure out who these people actually are -- and whether they mean harm or not.

These people aren’t always harmful, but it’s always recommended to know who you are interacting with on social media -- or even online dating websites.

With Delaware county records being easily accessible, that worry can be removed by simply searching for their first and last name on our website. Even if they are using a fake name on their social media account, it’ll help link you to the real person behind that account.

When used properly, Delaware county records can help keep the entire state of Delaware transparent and safe.

Who Maintains Delaware County Records?

When it comes to Delaware county records, it’s up to each county to properly release these public records when requested. This was made a state law in 1977 when the Delaware Freedom of Information Act was established. The same holds true for any records rooting from a public meeting.

This made it much easier for the states to manage the large amount of records being maintained on a daily basis. We saw the same thing happen federally in 1967 with the passing of the Freedom of Information Act -- the law that started it all. While that law didn’t apply to the states, many of them established their own similar laws -- like the Delaware Freedom of Information Act.

Back in those days, you would have to visit the county clerk’s office in order to request Delaware county records. This wouldn’t have been too difficult for those living in Delaware, especially since there are only 3 counties throughout the whole state. Some states have 100+ counties, making it difficult when trying to find specific information.

Luckily, a Delaware county records search can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse these days. Our search engine will scour through thousands of government and agency databases to reveal all sorts of information about someone.

Who Has Access to Delaware County Records?

When the Delaware Freedom of Information Act was made effective, it allowed the public to view these records -- meaning people like you and me. It helps to promote a level of transparency across the state, giving you access to a person’s history -- mistakes, flaws, everything.

While there won’t be much stopping the public from viewing these records, other than a few exceptions for the greater good, there will be certain laws and regulations in some states protecting your information from different companies.

You’ll probably recall having a background check ran on you, whether it be for a job, home, loan, or any other personal matter. In these cases, you would’ve had to check a box giving that company your consent to do a background check. Without your consent, they wouldn’t be able to view your information.

Public Delaware county records are essentially a basic background check on someone to give you a better idea of who they are. These are different from a criminal or employer background check because anyone can view them. They won’t need your permission and you won’t be notified when someone views them.

What Can People View in Delaware County Records?

While Delaware county records will only show you information happening within state lines, our website will find files in counties across the United States to give you a broader look at someone’s history. You’ll want to come prepared because you can uncover some sensitive information about this person.

Here’s just some of the information you’ll be able to find in someone’s report:

  • Contact Information - Since most cell phones require contracts these days, your phone numbers are normally linked to your name and can be viewed in someone’s report. This can also pull up someone’s email and social media profiles.
  • Date of Birth - If you’ve ever lied to your friends about how old you are, they can easily check without you knowing. They can also view where you were born and any possible family members you have.
  • Driving Record - Have you ever received a speeding ticket? Have you received a DUI or been arrested for reckless driving? People will be able to see all traffic violations you’ve committed, as well as the outcome of those violations.
  • Conviction History - Any crimes you’ve committed outside of your vehicle will also be reported in Delaware county records. This can include incarceration, misdemeanors, felonies, fines, probation, and community service.
  • Location History - If you’ve ever lived in multiple counties, cities, or even states, your information from all of these locations will show up in the report. That means a felony in Delaware and misdemeanor in New York can both be viewed.

This is just a small glimpse of what you might find, but you’ll have to view a report yourself to get the whole idea. We didn’t even touch base on the public history, judgement records, and property history.

How to Find Delaware County Records

If you’re interested in conducting your first ever Delaware county records search, type the first and last name into the search boxes provided below. It’s okay to enter your own name if you want to get acquainted with it first. In fact, this is a good practice to get into -- allowing you keep track of what people can read about you.

If you know the person’s location, enter the city or state into the drop-down menu. Hit ‘Search’ and wait to be redirected to the results page. You’ll see several people with matching names, find the one you’re looking for and open their report.

Just like that, you’re ready to figure out who you’ve really been spending time with all these years.

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