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North Dakota County Records

North Dakota County Records

North Dakota county records can be viewed by anyone willing to search or request them. Since these records can contain valuable and sensitive information about your life, it’s imperative you understand what they are. Luckily, we have all the details you’ll need before conducting a North Dakota county records search on your own.

The citizens of North Dakota approved a law by the state government that allowed for North Dakota records to be released to the public -- the North Dakota Open Records Statute. These records can contain documents, photographs, videos, transcripts, recordings, books, and electronic files pertaining to the residents of North Dakota.

It should be noted that certain exemptions might apply to North Dakota county records. These can include workers compensation records, trade secrets, tax information, juvenile history, criminal investigation records, and unemployment information.

Without access to North Dakota county records, the public and state governments would lack the sense of transparency expected in our democracy. There are things happening constantly in the state and there needs to be an effective way of maintaining these records -- especially with 53 counties in the state of North Dakota alone.

Let’s take a look at some of the information that might be found in someone’s North Dakota county records -- which can be found right here on our website.

Contact Information

When viewing someone’s report on our website, you can view a lot of their contact information that has been recorded over the years. Many people are unaware that their phone number, email address, postal address, and social media accounts can be viewed by anyone looking at their report.

North Dakota county records become useful when trying to reconnect with people you’ve lost contact with. Whether it be a family member, friend, or military buddy, you can be reunited with them at last.

This is also a great way of confirming whether or not someone has multiple social media accounts or online dating profiles. Even if they are using a different name under that account, it might show up in their public record.

Criminal History

Criminal history will always be one of the more popular parts of a public record. If you’re curious whether or not someone has been involved in a crime or even arrested, North Dakota county records can give you detailed information on their past. You’d be surprised at what some people are hiding from you.

There are plenty of different things included in criminal records. If you’ve never been through the system yourself, you might not be “hip to the lingo” involved. These records will show anytime a person has been arrested, but not all arrests will lead to a conviction. You’ll want to dig deeper in their records to see the outcome of the arrest.

If they were convicted, they will either receive a misdemeanor, infraction, or felony. This will normally be coupled with a fine, incarceration, probation, house arrest, community service, or any other penalty. If they were sent to jail or prison, it will detail where and for how long.

Believe it or not, even traffic violations are included -- and parking violations in some states. If you wanted to confirm your friend actually has a clean driving record, you can use North Dakota county records to your advantage.

Property Records

We all move throughout our life, whether it’s down the street, a different city, across the country, or out of the country. Anytime someone gets approved for an apartment or purchases a home in North Dakota, the county must maintain records of that. As a result, there will be a growing list of your address history on your public record.

Not only will it give the reader the full address, but it might detail what type of residence it is and how long you lived there. If you purchased the home, it could give even more details concerning the value, square footage, and history of the home.

Many people use property records before purchasing a home to see the history of the home and the neighborhood it’s in. Since you can view reports on potential neighbors, you can move into the neighborhood with confidence.

Civil Court Records

Every time someone is involved in a civil dispute or anything regarding the civil court system, Nebraska county records keep track of that information as well. This can include a wide variety of situations including evictions, foreclosures, breaches of contract, personal injury, lawsuits, liens being placed on their property, or bankruptcy records.

While a criminal record will show you how someone interacts with the law, civil court records can show you how someone interacts with the public. If you feel someone’s been a little extra stressed lately, it could be due to a civil lawsuit they’re dealing with. Instead of the awkward confrontation in asking them what’s wrong, you can view this information in their public record.

How to Find North Dakota County Records

North Dakota county records can be found on our website by searching for someone’s first name and last name. This process used to be much more difficult before technology simplified it and made it more dynamic.

Today, our search engine can research through thousands of public records databases across the country. The results will be placed in an organized and easy-to-read report that you have a right to view.

If you haven’t found it yet, there’s going to be a search box provided below where you can type the name of the person in. If this is your first time, try searching your own name to get accustomed to the process. Enter your city and state to help narrow the search down -- there will be plenty of people with the same name as you.

Once you hit the search button, you’ll see a list of possible matches. Find the one that contains your information and open the report. Behind the curtain will be an overview of your life -- the good and bad things.

If you feel comfortable enough, try searching for your friends and family members. Be prepared for what you might learn, though!

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