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North Carolina County Records

North Carolina County Records

North Carolina county records can be found online by anyone willing to search for them, even if they aren’t a US citizen. Many people are unaware that these records exist, but they will contain sensitive information about everyone’s life. If you’re wondering what information can be found about you, our website can help you find North Carolina county records in just minutes.

With 100 counties in the state of North Carolina, you can only imagine how many North Carolina county records are processed by the local governments on a daily basis. All of this information is maintained by the local governments in possession of them and they are required to do so under the North Carolina Open Meetings Law.

Without an effective system for filing and preserving North Carolina county records, we would have no way of confirming things that have happened in the past. This can put a strong limit on our legal system, law enforcement, and the public’s knowledge of each other.

Why are North Carolina County Records Public?

In addition to the North Carolina Open Meetings Law, the state legislature passed a statute titled the North Carolina Public Records Law. This was originally established in 1935, but has been rewritten throughout history. At its core, the purpose has remained in tact: giving the public a right to access North Carolina county records when requested.

In the law, several exemptions might result in these records being sealed from the public. Such cases might include criminal investigations, intelligence information, and confidential legal communications.

Without North Carolina county records being available to the public, there would be no transparency or openness in a society that demands it. Since many of these records will contain information about us, we should have a right to this information -- and that’s what the Public Records Law dictates.

After all, we interact with each other everyday and are almost required to -- if we want to be a part of society. We should know who these people are and be able to find more information about their history if we desire.

Searching For Someone’s Criminal History

North Carolina county records found on our website can contain a wide range of information about the person you’re interested in. Their criminal history will always be one of the most-searched items on their report.

Have you ever wondered if someone you know has been arrested or been involved in a crime? North Carolina county records can tell you whether they have in the state of North Carolina. Furthermore, you’ll be able to view their records in other states across the US when you use our website.

Their report will display their full arrest history, as well as their conviction history, incarceration records, punishment history, and mugshots -- if they have any.

Difference Between an Arrest and Conviction

When viewing the report online, you’ll notice that some arrests won’t have a conviction attached to it. It’s important to understand that not all arrests will lead to a conviction. Many people are arrested by accident, selected as a suspect, or are found not-guilty of the crime they’re arrested for.

You’ll want to read the report carefully so you don’t make any wrongful assumptions about people you care about. When it comes to convictions, there could be a lot of different penalties people face. They could be charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or infraction. Additionally, they could be given a fine, placed on house arrest, taken to jail or prison, probation, and community service.

North Carolina county records will not only point you to what they were arrested for, but also what they were convicted for -- if they were convicted at all.

Reconnecting With Old Friends

You will meet a lot of people in your lifetime -- both good and bad. These people will either make a lasting impression on you or will be forgotten easily. Either way, it’s common to lose touch with them and go long periods without contacting each other.

In-between those periods of connecting, a lot could happen. You could lose their contact information, delete your social media, they could get married and have a name change. Whatever the case may be, it might become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with some people.

What do we do about it? We give up and sit around waiting for them to hopefully reach out to us someday. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. North Carolina county records can link you to someone’s contact information including their phone number, email address, postal address, and social media accounts.

North Carolina county records have been used to reconnect friends from middle or high school, family members that were separated, military personnel that were re-stationed, and can even help you fill in missing pieces to your family tree.

How to Find North Carolina County Records

If all this talk about North Carolina county records has your curiosity riding high, we have the solution for you. We recommend doing a search on yourself to get used to the process and report that you’ll receive. It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day and will require little-to-no effort on your part.

To get started, type your first name and last name into the search box provided below. This search box will redirect you to a results page with several matches to the name you enter. To limit the amount of people with the same name, enter your city and state into the respective boxes.

Once you initiate the search, you can start sifting through the matches. Find yourself and open your report. You’ll be surprised at how organized and easy-to-read it is. When you feel comfortable enough, you can start searching for all of your friends, family members, and neighbors.

Be mindful that North Carolina county records will contain real information about real people. These records should never be used to ridicule someone or threaten anyone’s privacy. While they are open to the public, there’s a level of responsibility absorbed when viewing them.

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