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Tennessee County Records

Tennessee County Records

Tennessee county records display personal and sensitive information about you and you’re probably not even aware of it. These records have been kept for over 100 years and will contain information about your friends, family, neighborhood members, classmates, and anyone else you interact with on a daily basis. 

Tennessee county records have become a necessary evil for society throughout the years. If the state and local governments aren’t taking their record-keeping seriously, we could find ourselves relying on word of mouth to define history. Imagine a history class in school with no supporting facts, what good would that do?

With 95 counties located in Tennessee, each county will maintain its own records. This helps the state to easily manage the crazy amount of documents and other records they come in contact with every day. Everything from court records to property records and birth records are managed by the county governments. 

Can the Public Access Tennessee County Records?

For those that have never heard of Tennessee county records, you might be shocked to learn that these records can be viewed by anyone willing to find them -- either through the internet or by a direct request to the county clerk’s office. Your information is much easier to search for than you think and it could be affecting how others look at you. 

Due to the Tennessee Open Records Act, which was passed in 1957, the state government is required to release any Tennessee county records to the public when requested. Many states have an online database where a lot of these records are stored and can be accessed at any time. Along with the Tennessee Open Meetings Law, which dictates how public meetings are to be held, you and your friend’s Tennessee county records are publicly stored for everyone to see.

This may be unsettling to some, especially for those who have a rough past with the law or information that they’ve been trying to keep a secret from those closest to them. There won’t be any way of stopping them from viewing your records as long as it’s what they want to do. You can, however, read your own report so you’re aware of what they can read about you. 

This way, you can at least prepare for any judgements, assumptions, and accusations that people might be making behind your back. Keep in mind, you won’t be notified when someone views your public record, so this could be going on at this very moment. 

Court Records

When you perform a Tennessee county records search on our website, you can be linked to various court records attached to someone’s public record. When you think about it, there are plenty of reasons why someone might have to enter a courtroom, all of which will be included in their report. 

If someone was recently arrested, they will likely need to face a judge to determine guilt or non-guilt. While their report will show information regarding the arrest that was made, it will also go into detail the outcome of the arrest. If they were convicted of the crime or handed any punishment for the crime, you’ll know with Tennessee county records. 

People can also be facing a judge during civil cases, which are normally between you and another person or business. Civil cases include personal injury claims, suing someone, being sued by someone, having a lien placed on your property or piece of land, filing for bankruptcy, and being evicted from your own. 

Vital Records

When talking about vital records, it could be regarding several different bits of information about your life. First off, Tennessee county records will detail your date of birth, birth location, and your mother and father’s name. If the person you’re searching for has passed away, it’ll give the date of passing, the cause of death, obituaries, and probate records in some cases. 

Tennessee county records might also show personal information like your contact information, places you’ve worked at in the past or currently, and where you attended school. If someone wanted to know your phone number, email address, residential address, or social media information, all they would need to do is search your first and last name in a Tennessee county records database. 

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

With the amount of information available to the public in Tennessee county records, it’s imperative to make sure you and your loved ones are safe at all times. 

You can actually use these records in your favor by running simple background checks on your neighbors, friends of your children, sports coaches, or any parents of your children’s classmates. It’s important to know who you’re allowing to supervise your children. With people often withholding information like criminal history and public troubles, you can get the full scoop in Tennessee county records. 

As awkward as it may sound, some people will even research their own children’s records to ensure they’re not getting into trouble behind your back. You can even view their driving record and see if they’ve been getting any speeding tickets. With public records, you can always have an eye in the back of your head, keeping your children honest on a daily basis. 

How to Find Tennessee County Records

Searching for Tennessee county records is much easier than you’d think and will only require the person’s first and last name. With that information alone, you can pull up anyone’s report and start viewing information about their life -- dating back to the day they were born!

If you’ve been wanting to know a little bit more about someone’s backstory and where they come from without having to ask them directly, try typing their name into the search boxes below. If you know their city and state, add those details to your search -- this won’t be required. 

When you click the ‘Search’ button, you’ll have an opportunity to view all possible matches with the name you entered. You’ll have to sift through several reports before you come across the right one, but you can speed this process up by knowing their date of birth, the school they attended, or even what type of job they have. 

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