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California County Records

California County Records

California County Records will contain a wide variety of information related to the citizens of California and all of its counties. This can include birth records, marriage and divorce records, property records, criminal records, and public records on anyone inside the county lines. 

Although many people believe this information is only available to government officials, law enforcement, and those with consent to run a legal background check, this type of information is actually available to the public -- people like you and me. You don’t need any special permission and the other person won’t be notified if you try to search for their records, making this great for avoiding confrontation. 

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to California county records. Since they can contain sensitive information about someone’s past, you never know what you might find out about people you’ve known for a long time. 

Think of all the embarrassing and shameful things that you keep hidden about yourself to other people? We all have our secrets and we have all made mistakes in our life. Unfortunately, some things are meant to be available to the public, by law, if requested. 

Where Are California County Records Kept?

As the name suggests, California county records are documented, filed, and maintained by the county in possession of the records -- whether it be in the hands of a state department, agency, or court. Since there are so many counties in each state, this makes it much more organized and easier to manage for the state government. 

In California alone, there are a total of 58 counties across the state. Every county is given a name, but many of them resemble other counties, cities, states, countries, and common names. For example, one county in California is named Los Angeles County, while another one is called Nevada county. 

When trying to find a specific person or case in California county records, you’ll need to know the exact county those records are located in. Because of the confusing county names, your search can become frustrating, near-impossible, and require way more effort than you’re prepared to give. 

To avoid this, you can use our website to search for public records across the United States, including California county records. There will be some laws, rules, and regulations when accessing these records, however, so being well-aware of the do’s and dont’s before conducting a search can help you out in the long run. 

Who Has Access to California County Records?

Throughout most of history, California county records were sealed from the public’s view with no way of gaining access to it. Then the federal government passed the Freedom of Information Act in 1967. This law required the federal government, departments, and agencies to not only maintain these records, but release them to the public when requested. 

This law didn’t apply to the state governments and all the counties that make up those states, since states have their own power over that. With California, it didn’t take long for the state to adopt their own laws in regards to public records by signing the California Public Records Act in 1968. 

As a result, the public gained access to these records and were allowed to view them whenever they wanted -- although a few exceptions were made in the interest of national security and certain privacy concerns. 

The states were still faced with complaints of discrimination in certain scenarios, like applying for a job, loan, or mortgage, when a background check was ran on the individual. These background checks might contain California county records that are sensitive. Due to this, the states and federal government have special laws and regulations for these kind of background checks -- which need your consent before ever being ran. 

What Might California County Records Display?

When searching for California county records on our website, you can find a lot of information you didn’t know was available -- even things about yourself that you’ve been trying to keep hidden from family and friends. Whether you agree with it or not, these records are public for our own good and are used for a lot of positive reasons. 

Before you open a report on someone, take a look at the list below of possible information that could be revealed about the person you search for. It’s better to prepare yourself now, just in case something shocking appears.

  • Vital Records - You can confirm someone’s date of birth, birth location, marriage history, divorce history, death records, and any known aliases that they might go by or have gone by. 
  • Contact Information - California county records have been used to help reconnect with old family members and lost friends, even military buddies you used to serve with. They might release the person’s phone number history, full address history, possible emails, social media profiles, and online dating accounts. 
  • Criminal Records - Whether they were arrested, convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, infraction, given a traffic ticket, served time in jail or prison, received a fine, or were placed on probation, California county records can give you the details of what happened.

That’s just a small glimpse of what these records can tell you. If you’re interested in what else the report might contain, you’ll have to run a search yourself!

How to Find California County Records

Searching for California county records on our website it super easy and can be completed in just a few minutes of your time. When you’re ready, locate the search engine below and type in the first and last name of the person you’re interested in learning more about. You can run a test search on yourself to get comfortable with it. 

When you hit search, you’ll be able to look at all the possible matches -- some people will likely share the same name as the person you’re looking for. Find the right person and open their report -- that’s it!

If you find yourself having trouble finding them, you might be spelling their name wrong or there might be too many people with the same name. Try searching for only the first initial of the last name, or try to add their last known location to the search. This can help narrow things down. 

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