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Missouri County Records

Missouri County Records

Missouri county records can contain information about your personal life without you even knowing. These records are maintained by the county and local governments, departments, and agencies operating in Missouri. While it may be unsettling to know Missouri county records are kept without your permission, it’s a necessary process for the government.

With 114 counties spread out across Missouri, the amount of information that gets piled up on a daily basis is astounding. Without Missouri county records, a majority of this information would get lost over time and we would have no way of tracing back to it. When the history of your society relies on word of mouth, there won’t be much validity anymore.

Why Are Missouri County Records Public?

In addition to keeping record of these documents, the state government has passed laws that make this information available to the public. In 1973, the Missouri Sunshine Law was passed by the state legislature giving the public a right to access Missouri county records. The law was a response to the federal government’s Freedom of Information Act, which was passed in 1967 and had a similar effect on federal records.

Without the Sunshine Law, Missouri county records would be sealed from the public and we would have no way of knowing what’s going on behind closed doors. These records help the public out in many ways. Having them easily accessible promotes a level of transparency and openness that our democracy craves.

Can You Request Missouri County Records?

Missouri county records can be requested by contacting the county clerk’s office in charge of the records you’re after. For example, if someone received a misdemeanor offense in Bates County, you would have to reach out to that county clerk’s office to request the records of that offense. Some counties will have an online database you can search through as well.

With the rise of technology, our website is able to search through thousands of databases around the United States -- not just in Missouri -- and put together a single, easy-to-read report on any U.S. citizen.

Why Use Missouri County Records?

It might surprise you what information is available to the public and the only real way to get a full idea is to perform a search yourself. If you’re new to Missouri county records, you’re probably wondering what they’re used for and how they can help society in times of need. The truth is, many people use them for a variety of reasons.

Let’s go through some of the more popular reasons people use Missouri county records:

  • Friends - Whether curiosity has landed in your life or you’re suspicious of one of your friend’s recent behavior or past, Missouri county records can help set the record straight on who your friends really are.
  • Family - Missouri county records are used to piece together a person’s family history and descent. These become very useful with genealogists who have centered their careers around these records. They can even help family members reconnect with one another, no matter how long they’ve been apart.
  • Military Personnel - Sometimes our high school friends decide to enlist in the military and we go a decade without seeing them. Trying to reconnect after that long can be difficult, especially if you can’t find them on social media. Missouri county records can help reconnect you with old friends, even people that you have served alongside.
  • Online Encounters - We interact with people on the internet everyday, almost constantly. Sometimes, we don’t know these people well enough and they can end up being a threat. Missouri county records can help you spot danger by simply searching for their first and last name.
  • Neighbors - If you’re moving to a new neighborhood or just haven’t gotten to know your community members yet, Missouri county records can give you an overview of your neighbors’ life history. You never know the type of people you could be surrounded by.

When used properly, Missouri county records can do a lot of good in our society. Not only do we get transparency out of it, but we are able to stay safe and protected in a world full of surprises.

What’s Included in the Report?

When you search for Missouri county records through our search portal, you can be linked to a whole report on the person you’re interested in learning more about. You should prepare yourself because some of the information might be sensitive, personal, shocking, or shameful.

Luckily, the report will list out dates of any occurrence so you can properly put their timeline together and determine if it’s a part of their past or part of their present.

Missouri county records on our website will display everything from birth records, death records, marriage records, alias records, court records, criminal records, arrest history, contact information, and asset records. This information will be pulled from databases in counties across the state.

By the end of their report, you’ll have a solid idea of who they are (or have been) as a person.

How to Find Missouri County Records

In order to start your Missouri county records search, you’ll need to head over to the search portal located below. Type in the first name and last name of the person you’d like to search for and enter their city or state. Their location isn’t required, but it will help narrow your search and speed up the results.

After hitting the search button, you’ll see numerous people with the name you searched for. Sift through the matches and find the one you’re looking for. Open their report and you’re ready to learn about their past!

While these records will be pretty accurate, mistakes can be made and there might be false information about you. To combat this, you can search for yourself and view what information is available about you. If you see something that doesn’t look right, you can dispute the record. If it turns out to be a mistake, the government will happily remove it from your record.

Don’t let anyone make a wrongful assumption about you, check out your report today!

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