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Illinois County Records

Illinois County Records

Illinois county records can be found online with a simple search of someone’s first and last name. These records can be your best friend and worst nightmare at the same time. While they can be used to learn of your friends and family member’s past, they can also be used by other people to learn more about you.

We all have that friend who’s so quiet you can never get a reasonable read on them. They do say it’s usually the quiet ones with the most interesting history and backstory. Getting them to open up is an impossible task and sometimes you’re too anxious to confront them and ask. Luckily, Illinois county records can set the “record” straight.

Not only will you be able to learn about their past, but you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your own home. With no confrontation needed, you can save yourself and your friend the embarrassment of bringing up a rough history.

How Are Illinois County Records Public?

When the state of Illinois passed the Illinois Freedom of Information Act in 1989, it required all state departments and agencies to document, file, maintain, and release any records they come in contact with. Each state department has a dedicated keeper of public records nominated by the department or agency.

As a result, the public can request information from any public department or agency in order to learn more about the things going on in their community. The records that are kept on a daily basis can include reports, forms, documents, letters, photographs, recordings, books, paper, and much more. You would be surprised at the information that has been available to you this whole time.

For example, the state of Illinois is broken up into a total of 102 counties. Each of these counties will have a dedicated county clerk that will be in charge of the public records and requests for them. Think of all the things going on in your city or county right now. Every arrest, large purchase, lawsuit, etc. That’s a lot of information.

If you’re searching for something specific and you know the county where that information is being kept, you can go directly to the clerk’s office and request the information. If you don’t know which county to reach out to, we can help you bypass having to request information from 102 different counties for Illinois county records.

Is This Different From a Background Check?

Searching for Illinois county records on our website is very different from running a background check on someone. In order for someone to run a background check on you, they will need your consent to a background check first.

This is true for any type of background check being ran, whether it be for employee screening, tenant screening, gun sales, childcare, and criminal background checks. If you don’t give consent, then they won’t be able to view your information.

Illinois county records, on the other hand, can be viewed by anyone willing to request that information -- due to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act explained above. While these public records may contain similar information than what you’ll see in a background check, it’s important not to get the two mixed up.

Many people make it common practice to perform an Illinois county records search on themselves. This will give you an opportunity to ensure any information containing details about your life remains accurate. Although rare, there can be mistakes when filing Illinois county records. You’ll want to avoid giving others a chance to make false assumptions about your life experiences.

What Do Illinois County Records Display?

You might be thinking you won’t have any information included in your Illinois county records. After all, you’ve never been arrested or convicted of a felony -- what could they possibly be displaying about you? The truth is, Illinois county records will begin to accumulate from the moment you’re born. In fact, birth records are the very first thing added to someone’s Illinois county records.

Illinois county records can contain much more than someone’s criminal history, though that is one of the more popular pieces of information searched for. You’ll be given access to a wide range of personal information in regards to the person’s name you entered. This can include their date of birth, birth location, employment history, and education history.

Contact information will also be included in their report, consisting of past and current phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and a list of their social media profiles. This has been used by many to reconnect with people they’ve lost contact with and even family members they’ve never met before.

If you are looking for someone’s criminal history, expect to see a lot of information. Arrests, felonies, misdemeanors, infractions, traffic tickets, and parking violations can all be included in someone’s report. You’ll want to confirm that the information is correct, but their report will give you a good sense of their character both on the road and out in public.

How to Find Illinois County Records

Many people are likely thinking that they will need some form of special access or granted permission to start an Illinois county records search. We’re here to let you know it’s not that difficult, won’t require that much effort, and can be conducted right here on our website.

You’ll notice a special search engine located below, that’s going to be your magic ticket to viewing someone’s report -- even your own if you’d like. All you’ll need to do is type in the first and last name of the person you’re interested in learning about. Once you hit search, you’ll have several matches to choose from.

Use the context clues to select the correct person and then open their report. Be prepared for what you might uncover, there could be shocking or disturbing news enclosed. It’s always important to slow yourself from making quick judgements, but it’s nice to keep your findings in the back of your mind from that point on.

Who knows, maybe someday you’ll get them to open up about their past.

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