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Florida County Records

Florida County Records

Florida county records can be found online and accessed by just about anyone. They will contain records on any citizen of the United States, including yourself. While accuracy can be a concern at times, Florida county records can give you a detailed look into someone’s past.

Florida began the tradition of documenting and filing records back in 1909, but it didn’t become a requirement to release these to the public until the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law in 1967. Under this law, every county in Florida is required to release Florida county records when requested by the public.

There are a total of 67 counties in Florida, making this an effective way of maintaining Florida county records at a state level.

Florida county records are designed to keep a level of openness and transparency in the eyes of the public. When you think about it, we interact with people consistently throughout the day. At the grocery store, walking down the street, at a party, whatever the case may be.

For the most part, we don’t really know these people and what they’ve been involved in. Florida county records allow you to essentially run a “background check” on the people you interact with most. This can help you stay aware and protected from those around you. You’d be surprised at some of the baggage people carry, though they might be mistakes.

Since the amount of information available can be overwhelming at times, let’s take a look at what you could learn about the person you’re searching for.

Assets Records

When you purchase a home, a vehicle, or even start a business, you will likely be required to get permission from the state or county you’re located in. You’ve probably wondered where these documents go after everything’s signed. Well, they get filed by the county and kept on record in case ever needed.

Your assets records will likely show up in a Florida county records search. If you purchased a home recently, people can view the address of the home, property value, history of the property, when it was built, square footage, and any neighbors nearby. Many people use this before buying a home to learn more about it.

Assets records can also contain the make and model of your vehicle, as well as where it was registered. If you’ve ever wondered whether your secret admirer on social media really owns a BMW, Florida county records can show you.

Driving Record

We all make mistakes when driving on the road, it’s bound to happen multiple times in your life. That’s why we get so annoyed when someone constantly brags about their perfect driving record -- we all know the feeling! You’ve likely wondered how awesome it would be if they were caught in their lie.

Since Florida county records will detail someone’s driving record, you can fact-check anyone on their history behind the wheel. Even that speeding ticket from 12 years ago might be revealed. This can include everything from a simple violation to a more serious crime -- like a DUI, DWI, or reckless driving.

If you’ve ever disputed a ticket, someone will be able to view the outcome of the court case as well. If our report doesn’t give you everything you need, it’ll give you a court case number that can be used to dig deeper.

Contact Information

Florida county records have been very useful in reconnecting old friends, family members, and military buddies that you’ve lost contact with. By simply searching for someone’s first and last name, you will be linked to possible phone numbers, emails, social media profiles, and residential addresses attached to that name.

It’ll also give you a list of possible neighbors, family members, associates, and business partners that might have a relationship with this person. If none of the contact information is up-to-date, you can try reaching out to those closer to them.

Alias Records

It seems like name changes are becoming more and more common these days. There are plenty of reasons why someone might change their name. Marriage and divorce are two of the more common reasons, but adoption will also lead a name change. Many people even change their name just out of boredom.

This can make reconnecting with old friends and family difficult, especially if you have no means of contacting them. Luckily, Florida county records do a great job when keeping track of name changes and making sure that person’s records stay connected to them. As a result, you can take their contact information from the report and reach out to them.

This can also save you from people who change their name for sketchy reasons. If someone has a really dark past they don’t want others to know, they might change their name in an attempt to keep that identity hidden. Whether they’re trying to change their life for the better or not, it’s always nice to know who you’re dealing with at all times.

How to Find Florida County Records

Many people think Florida county records are either difficult to find or aren’t available to the public. Believe it or not, you don't need any granted access from the government to view these. You won’t even need permission from the person in order to search for their records. It can be done in complete privacy, which will appeal to many.

Better yet, we can help you find Florida county records on anyone living in the state -- even those that used to live in the state. Follow the directions below to get started:

  1. Type the first name and last name into the boxes provided below
  2. Enter the city and state (in this case, Florida) via the dropdown menu
  3. Click the ‘Search’ button
  4. Find the right person through the various matches
  5. Open their report and view the information

In just a few easy steps, you have a detailed and easy-to-read report on just about anyone you can think of. Friends, family, neighbors, social media encounters, online dates, and even online sellers can’t hide from Florida county records.

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