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Although, the website is ranked last, but it has some exceptional features that are a great addition to the public records search. With effective and timely search results, SpyFly makes sure the users are fully satisfied. This is the reason why the website enjoys a large number of regular visitors.

Report Quality

The quality of the report is simply immaculate. These can be more detailed to provide addition information to the users. However, the current versions of the report is still high on quality.

Number of Public Records

The site claims to have a database of millions of public records. If that’s the case, then you can have all the required public records information with ease.

Ease of Use

The site is easy to use with various customer friendly modifications/enhancements to better cater to the user requirements.

Data Quality

We performed various checks to verify the quality of information provided by SpyFly. Our results indicated that the information is credible, authentic and reliable.

Site Speed

The site is fast enough to provide all the required public records information within minutes. It is quite fast as compared to many other similar websites.

Top Background Check Sites

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  • TruthFinder
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  • SpyFly