The Top Self-Defense Products You Should Always Carry While on Campus

Students are aware of the need to carry products to defend themselves while attending college. Assault and rape are two serious issues that concern many students attending college. They need to be aware of what is legal under their college’s policies before purchasing self-defense items that could cause them problems attending school. Always make sure to know the school regulations on all types of weapons carried on the campus grounds.

Going to college is supposed to be a fun part of young adult life. You don’t need to have to worry about others bothering you on or off the college campus. Taking care of yourself is extremely important during your college semester to help you learn the career of your choice.

This guide will give you some knowledge of great choices in self-defense weapons to have on your person or in the vehicle should you need to rely on them. Always remember four rules when someone attempts to attack you.

  • Nobody ever wins a fight completely without some sort of injury.
  • Always attempt to run away from an attacker as soon as you possibly can.
  • Never use more force than needed to get away from an attack.
  • You can be charged with a crime when you seriously injure an attacker by more force than necessary.

Most Concealable Self-Defense Weapons To Carry On Person

One of the most unknown weapons that a student carries on them daily is their set of car keys. Keys are never considered a self-defense weapon unless they are used to stopping an assault. Your car keys are completely legal to carry on your person.

Most everyone has their keys in hand when walking to their vehicles. To use car keys effectively in an emergency, make sure each key is between the fingers clinched tightly into a fist. You are gripping the key chain with your closed fist for additional stability.

In the event, someone on the college campus attacks you, simply strike back at them towards the eyes. You may strike them in other areas of the body, which includes the ribs. This is an effective way to dissuade a potential attacker from trying to harm you further.

Another fantastic weapon that is completely legal to carry is a standard hairbrush that many women have inside their purse. Either end of the brush can be used to stab an attacker like a martial-art weapon known as a kubotan. This weapon is composed of wood or steel. The weapon is about 6-inches long and is a lightweight tool used for self-defense purposes.

Some manufacturers design kubotans with key rings to allow drivers to attach their car keys on the ring. This makes it extra handy for carrying with you while walking. The weapon is used to stab at an attacker in weak spots of the body. Some weak spots are the eyes, throat and ribcage area. A woman’s hairbrush can be used similar to the martial-art weapon known as a kubotan.

Bright lights on today’s sophisticated flashlights can blind an attacker. Some of them are equipped with key rings to make them handy to carry around. Some key chains are designed for self-defense purposes by emitting a loud siren. These two devices are never considered an actual self-defense weapon. These two products only purpose is to surprise a would-be attacker to give you time to run away from the situation.

Best Self-Defense Weapons To Carry In The Car

Tasers or stun guns are a great self-defense weapon to keep inside your vehicle. They’re capable of sending millions of electrical volts into the attacker’s body to disable them in their tracks. This will allow you to drive away from someone who might attack you after entering your vehicle.

Pepper spray is always a great item to keep inside your vehicle for self-defense. Pepper spray can make an attacker helpless for a few minutes to allow you to flee. Hairspray can be used as effectively as pepper spray at close range. Remember to aim for the eyes.

Whistles are another item you can keep inside the car placed on the rearview mirror. In an emergency, blowing into the whistle can make others around the area hear you. Some of them may come to see what the noise is all about.

An escrima is a wooden stick martial-art weapon about 28-inches long. You can use a basic walking stick used for hiking purposes to have the same effects as the escrima. The weapon is used for striking and stabbing purposes in the martial arts. The weapon is an excellent weapon when dealing with an attacker. You can swing at vital points on their body to render them helpless.

Other Self-Defense Weapons To Consider

Another effective item that is never noticed is shoelace inserts that are inserted over the tongue of your shoes. This is a newer self-defense weapon that few people know about. The product can be an effective deterrent to an attacker that allows you time to flee the situation. The inserts are designed to inflict damage to a would-be attacker with a swift kick from the wearer of the product.

Panic buttons are an ideal product that many students should wear on college campuses because of so many school shootings. The wearer can press the button to alert authorities that something suspicious is happening on the school campus.

Tips For Using Self-Defense Weapons

Make sure you know how to use any self-defense weapons you feel will benefit you the most in an attack situation. Understand how to use the weapons properly against an attacker. Always have those weapons available by placing them in areas you won’t have to spend time looking for. Make sure those weapons are legal by college campus regulations and state laws.

Stay away from areas that look like they might be trouble spots. Try to travel with others in groups than by yourself. Enroll in a self-defense class to learn how to protect yourself physically from being harmed. Learn to use any martial art weapon by choosing someone experienced within the field. Always remember to flee from any attack as quickly as possible.

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