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Municipal Court Records

Municipal court records are commonly referred to as city court records and will include information collected by courts within the state and county governments. The municipal court records can contain a wide variety of information about your life events and experiences, especially if you've been involved in a court case.

Many states have laws that require municipal court records to be filed and maintained by the courts that reside over them. In addition to record-keeping reasons, many states require the courts to release these municipal court records to the public if requested. These laws were influenced by the Freedom of Information Act in 1966, which did the same for the federal government.

As a result, the United States is able to move through the court systems with transparency and openness. This gives the citizens of the country more confidence, knowing they can request court documents at anytime -- though exceptions may apply for some municipal court records.

Why Search For Municipal Court Records?

If you've ever been involved in a court case or related incident with the government and law enforcement, then you can check your municipal court records online to verify the information is accurate and up-to-date. You don't need any special government access to do so and can actually be done right from your comfortable couch!

Likewise, many people use municipal court records to perform a basic "background check" on their friends, family, or social media encounters. This can help you determine pieces of their history and whether they've been keeping secrets from you over the years. It will also prevent online attackers from pretending to be someone they're not.

You're probably wondering what type of information you can find in municipal court records. There's actually a lot that can fall in those databases, especially considering these courts have to file any and all documents that make its way through court. To better help you understand what municipal court records contain, let's take a closer look at what's involved.

Criminal Records

A majority of crimes that get reported end up going through the city and state courts at some point. This means a person's criminal records can be found in municipal court records kept by that city.

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor, felony, traffic violation, or infraction, municipal court records can show sensitive information about the conviction. It can even show arrests that never led to a charge or conviction.

This can be a bummer to those trying to keep these dark moments of your past out of your family and friends hands. Many people search municipal court records for themselves to confirm the information about them is right. Even if you have an empty criminal and arrest history, there might be false information about you that should be fixed.

Property Records

When someone purchases a property, gets approved for a mortgage, purchases a vehicle, or is involved in a civil court case related to their property, that information will likely make its way through the municipal court records database.

This can include a full address history of past and current properties, the value of those properties, a list of any vehicles, businesses, and any other assets owned by the person. In addition, it can give a detailed list of possible neighbors and sex offenders in their area for each property.

Judgment History

If you're conducting a municipal court records search, you will come across various information pertaining to judgments made against you. Judgments are made by a court judge that rules over the matter in question.

Evictions and foreclosures will likely result in a judgment and will often be included in Municipal Court records. The report may include your full name, the address of the property, information about the court, the court case number, the total judgment amount, and the date it was filed.

Likewise, property or tax liens will require a court judgment against you. This can include your full name, address the lien was placed on, where the lien was filed, the total lien amount, deed category type, issuing agency, tax lien serial number, and the recording date.

Vital Records

Vital records can include birth records, marriage records, probate records, and death records. It's important to note that this information can be limited in some states, depending on the laws they govern.

When someone is born, the birth records must be documented by the state court. Same thing every time someone gets married, divorced, does, or has a will put into action. If you're searching for any of this information in municipal court records, you should first check the laws in your state to see what will be available to you.

How to Find Municipal Court Records

Municipal court records can be found by visiting the court’s database online or by requesting the information from the court directly. As reliable as this might be, the time and effort involved can leave you wondering whether it’s worth it or not.

Luckily, we can help you find an easy and effective solution. Using the tools and resources provided on our website, you can start a public municipal court records search right on your home computer. All you’ll need is the person’s first and last name to get started, we will do the rest!

Follow the steps below to initiate your first public records search:

  1. Type the name into the corresponding search boxes on our website
  2. Add a city or state if you know that information
  3. Click ‘Search’

It’s that easy, just three steps! After you hit ‘Search,’ you might have to continue digging in order to find the right person. There will almost definitely be other people with the same name as the person you’re looking for, so due diligence is important in these searches.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your municipal court records search started today and don’t be left in the dark any longer about your friends or family’s history. We hope you find what you’re searching for!

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