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Indictment Records

Indictment records can be found online if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. There’s a very strict process for all government courts to properly document, file, and maintain any indictment records that make its way through the system. As a result, every court in the United States has a database full of these records, which are publicly released.

Those who have gone through the court system for committing a crime know how shameful and embarrassing it can be, whether you committed a small or large crime. This is why many people like to keep their indictment records to themselves, to avoid their family and friends seeing the mistakes they’ve made in the past.

To keep a sense of transparency throughout the country, your indictment records are accessible by anyone at any time -- whether you like to believe it or not. What’s even more concerning is you won’t receive a notification when someone views them.

There are some situations, like applying for a loan or a job, where this information can be presented. They will need your consent for this and the background check must be regulated by the government to avoid discrimination. Still, this won’t stop one of your friends from searching your indictment records.

Likewise, you could even conduct a search of your own. It’s much easier than you’re imagining.

What Are Indictment Records?

Indictment records are kept by the court system ruling over them and will outline any formal accusations made against an individual -- usually by a grand jury made up of 15-20 U.S. citizens. A grand jury differs from a trial jury due to a judge not being involved in the proceeding.

Indictment records are much more than just a complaint filed by a prosecutor, they are a result of testimony, evidence or lack of it, and witnesses. Indictments are normally done before an arrest has been made and will detail whether there is enough probable cause to make an arrest or not.

This is important to understand because indictment records will not tell you whether someone was found guilty or not. It won’t even tell you whether the accusation ever made it to a court trial. It’ll only tell you whether there was enough evidence to support a court trial, which is determined by the grand jury.

Are Indictment Records Found in a Background Check?

Indictment records can be a bit tricky to follow. Not all arrests will result in an indictment, not all indictments will result in arrest. Some indictments don’t even make it to court. Other indictments lead to a massive court trial with convictions. Indictments are only used when they are needed, which is to determine probable cause.

Indictment records can most definitely show up in a background check, but only if the indictment has been approved. Even then, they are likely to only show up for 7-10 years after the indictment. For those who are waiting for an indictment or haven’t been scheduled an arraignment, there won’t be anything to show in your indictment records.

Most employers and lending companies are more concerned with convictions, so they most likely won’t even be looking at indictment records -- unless a conviction was made.

Who Else Can View Indictment Records?

Luckily, there are ways to view your own indictment records to see what information might be out there with your name on it. Unfortunately, that also means they are available to everyone else. Believe it or not, you don’t need to run an official background check on someone to view their indictment records -- they’re available online!

This means that all your friends and family can take a peek at your indictment records no matter how long ago they were. Even if you’ve changed your name or got married since the indictment, there’s still a chance they can see your full indictment history.

It’s very easy to do, only takes a couple minutes to complete, and only requires a first and last name to perform a search. That’s not bad for something that can help protect you from potentially dangerous people you meet on a daily basis.

What Else Can Be Found Online?

Indictment records are only the beginning of what can be found out there. In regards to your life, you can find enough information online to start a documentary about your experiences, accomplishments, and overall character.

People can view your personal information like date of birth, full name, known aliases, the city you were born in, your astrological sign, and even a picture of yourself. They can view your contact information like past and current phone numbers, email addresses, residence address history, social media accounts, and online dating profiles.

Outside of indictment records, they can view your full arrest history, conviction records, judgments made against you, lawsuits, liens placed on your property, bankruptcies, evictions, and foreclosures. They can even see a list of your assets, family members, neighbors, roommates, associates, and business partners.

It’s quite scary that all of this information is out in the open, but it’s the world we live in. If you’ve ever wanted to have eyes in the back of your head, this can certainly help you prepare for that by gathering information about the people you surround yourself with.

How to Find Indictment Records

Indictments records can be found by performing a simple search right here on our website. If you have the individual’s first and last name handy, you can start to type it into the search engine provided below. If you know their last known location you can enter it there as well, but that information isn’t required to begin your search.

Once you hit ‘Search,’ you will be directed to a page with possible matches. You might have to do some further digging to find the right person, but they’re there somewhere!

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