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Mugshot Lookup

A mugshot lookup can be performed by anyone willing to search for it since they are included in most public and criminal records. Anyone can perform a mugshot lookup, although special access might be required for a criminal or employment background check.

If you’ve ever wondered whether a family member, friend, or neighbor has ever been arrested, a mugshot lookup can help you find that information and verify it’s actually them with the photo. Many people use a mugshot lookup to dig up details about someone they just met on social media to confirm they’re not dealing with a dangerous person.

You should be careful because a mugshot lookup can include sensitive information and shameful photos that can bring up rough times in a person’s life. You might reveal some shocking information that you didn’t know about the person, so be prepared for what could be included in someone’s mugshot lookup.

What is a Mugshot?

For those who have never been arrested or have never heard of a mugshot lookup before, it’s simply a photo that is taken of an individual normally directly after arriving at the police station following an arrest. A mugshot lookup won’t share any flattering photos of the accused and can be extremely embarrassing to the person in the photo.

The mugshot is used for documentation so we don’t get confused when people with the same name get arrested. Some sites that offer a mugshot lookup will bring back several people with the same name. Having a mugshot to distinguish and verify the people can prevent you from having to take a guess or make an assumption.

Mugshots have been around since the 1840’s and was adopted as standard practice by law enforcement around the 1890’s. A mugshot lookup will often return two photos that are taken by the police officers -- a head-on photo and a side photo. It will also include a placard with the name of the accused, booking ID, and more identifying information.

Do Public Records Include a Mugshot Lookup?

If you or someone you know has ever been arrested, chances are a mugshot was taken after the arrest. Since mugshots are almost immediately released by the police station that takes them, a mugshot lookup can be performed by doing a public records search. That is, if you don’t feel like searching through the law enforcement’s database directly.

Public records can be found very easily and can search thousands of databases at once. Although a mugshot lookup will indicate an arrest was made, it won’t always mean that person was found guilty of the crime or served any type of punishment for it. You will likely have to do some more digging in order to confirm the outcome of the arrest -- something that public records can give in great detail.

What Else Can Public Records Contain?

Public records will contain much more than a mugshot lookup and will even detail much more than their criminal history -- although that’s normally a hot topic for these types of searches. Public records are maintained in various agency and court databases around the United States with laws requiring the information to be released to the public (in most cases).

Public records can contain the following about a person:

  • Personal Information - If you wanted to confirm someone’s full name, date of birth, birth location, education history, employment history, or even a list of possible family members, a public records search can uncover what you’re looking for.
  • Contact Information - This is a section that will cause a lot of worry among citizens, but public records can give you a list of past and current phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and online dating accounts linked to the person you searched for.
  • Address History - Not only will public records detail any past and present addresses you live at, but it can give an overview of properties you own, their value, whether you have any liens on the property, whether you’ve been evicted from the home, or if that home was put up for foreclosure.
  • Criminal Records - In addition to a mugshot lookup, public records can tell you whether they were arrested, convicted, charged, punished, incarcerated, or if the case was dismissed. Criminal records will contain misdemeanors and felonies, though some information might be sealed for various reasons.
  • Bankruptcy Records - If you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy, no matter the chapter, it can show up in your public records for anyone to see. People will also be able to request more information from the court directly if they have a court case number.
  • Known Aliases - If the person you searched for has ever legally changed their name, had their name changed through marriage, or has used an alias for other reasons, it could show up as an alias in their public record. It can also list out any neighbors, associates, and business partners that might be linked to the name you searched for.

Public records contain way more information than the average citizen thinks. They essentially give a brief overview of someone’s life in its entirety. If you have a history that you’re trying to leave behind, your public record can potentially screw all of that up for you. Luckily, you can perform a search on yourself to see exactly what others can read about you.

How to Perform a Mugshot Lookup

The simplest and quickest way to perform a mugshot lookup would be through a public records search. They can be done by visiting the specific court or police station that handled the arrest, but that could be information you don’t know. A public records search will pull up someone’s mugshot lookup by just searching for their name.

If you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is input the person’s name into the search engine provided right here on our website. If you want to enter a city or state, it will help enhance you search -- but isn’t required to perform the search.

You might have to sift through some possible matches with the same name before you come across the right person, but you’ll be able to open their report once you find them. Needless to say, you can perform a successful mugshot lookup with little to no effort on your end.

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